PAUS Mining & Tuneling Machines

LHD Vehicles

Dump Trucks

Articulated Cassette Carrier

Dinting Machines

MinCa (Mining Car)

TSL Scaler

Trackless Mining Equipment Parts/Spares

We supply spares, service and do maintenance for AARD, ATLAS COPCO, GHH mining machines.

Parts & Spares

We supply parts and spares for Toyota, Deutz engines, Filters and all consumables of Mine Vehicles.

Lamproom Supplies

Our MX-Lamp series Caplamps are equipped with an active tracking tag, which can track the exact whereabouts of any individual in possession of the Caplamp. The active transponders also functions as a wireless logging system which allows Miners to log in when reporting for duty, the log-in is automatically sent to the shift control room.

The tracking technology can be integrated into a Mine’s existing emergency system, it is also extendable to Mine Vehicle tracking, communication and data transmission. To get more information about these systems and their functionality, kindly contact our sales and technical support on